Jakob Steiger

About Jakob

Jakob Steiger

Born in 1989, lives and works in Munich.

Studied art and philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. The focus of Jakobs work is on purely abstract compositions saturated with expressive colour, paint and gestural form. Works are poetically inscribed with text, collage and intersections of figurative notations and or geometric form. This open-ended approach reflects the artist’s primary inspiration “the interface of philosophy and art.” Indeed, while much of Steiger’s work has a haptic beauty and energy, the artist’s approach also bears references to specific literary and philosophical texts, artfully embedded within the picture plane. Steiger notes: “For me, a book or an author is like a colour that I can use in a picture. It is the spiritual horizon in which I move and which can be found in the texts.”  Steigner’s influences include the work of Franz Kafka, Janusz Korczak, Walter Benjamin, W.J.T. Mitchell, Theodor Adorno, and Giorgio Agamben among others. Exhibitions in Munich, Kitzbühel, Graz, Weimar, Dresden, Leipzig, Mannheim, St. Moritz.

Artist Jakob Steiger

One of the rising starts of the German contemporary art scene, Jakob explores his world with a wild potpourri of painting techniques combined with digital art and photography and citations from numerous philosophers. He is an artist of our digital future with a solid bound in the real world!






Ines Valentinitsch works in the lively world of fashion and the contemplative world of painting. After studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, the Helmut Lang student moved to the Milan, where, after completing a master’s degree at the Domus Academy, she presented her first fashion show of her „Ines Valentinitsch“l ine. She financed the fashion show by selling her large-format oil paintings.During the intensive years in the Milan fashion circus as a designer in a three-dimensional space, today she unfolds her creative energy in her paintings and illustrations for fashion magazines and gives it a sustainable two-dimensional space.

In addition to living for her creative talent in fashion and art, she is wife and mother four children. Ines creativity enriches the family live and in turn flow into her artistic expression as heartfelt experiences.

The family lives in Milan, St. Moritz and Munich. All three locations foster Ines creativity. Life in two lively cities in Italy and Bavaria is balanced by the peace of the mountains. Ines paints her expressive mountain pictures in the Engadine, which she has grown fond of as a place of retreat.

ART & Fashion @ Ines Valentinitsch

Welcome to our VIOVENTI Art Vernissage of art and fashion designer Ines Valentinitsch in Kitzbühel, Austria!


in a new

Fine Art Photography 
& Nature

"What is sharpness - and who has the right to determine what the right sharpness is? My ambition is to ennoble photography and to secure for it the character and effect of a high art, by combining the real and the ideal, and by sacrificing nothing of truth in all my reverence for poetry and beauty," wrote the photographer Julia Cameron in a letter to the astronomer Sir John Herschel in 1864.
More than 150 years later, fine art photographer Anke Schaffelhuber also combines the real and the ideal in her large-format fantasy worlds, which nevertheless spring from reality. Anke Schaffelhuber lets worlds collide and merge into each other. She builds
a new world for us, which, after an initial astonishment, raises the question of why our view of the world is only like this and not completely different. How could we shape our continent if we think around and differently for once? Anke has traveled more than 30 times in Africa. There lies the origin of her photographic work. 

At the side of Michael Pulitzer she found a very special access to the African continent through the eyes of her camera. "Artist of an emphatic avant-garde" is what Anke
Schaffelhuber is called. A pioneer of a vision that now, a few years after her first photographic expeditions, is already showing itself as a
reality. In her empathy, Anke has already seen and felt much of what is now manifesting itself in the general population in "Fridays for Future" and other climate activist actions. Today, we turn our gaze back more to our continent, the earth, and look at what the generations before us have sown and what is now manifesting itself everywhere as sprawling cities without greenery,
polluted beaches and seas, melting glaciers, with different eyes. These "other eyes" Anke Schaffelhuber lends us in their works and, if we want, beyond that and let us be reminded daily that there is not only one view of things and the world.

VIOVENTI @ ZUMA Kitzbuehel

Vioventi Art presents two Munich based artists: Anke Schaffelhuber and Jakob Steiger. Both working with digital techniques they are put into an inspiring artistic dialogue at the Vioventi Art exhibition in Kitzbühel.


"If we all let our light shine, it will be brighter in the world"

Eagle Wings Foundation

Since the beginning of this millennium, Nomi Baumgartl, who previously worked as a fashion photographer and photojournalist in crisis and developing countries, has been drawing attention to the fragile balance between humans and nature and the impact of our modern way of life on our habitats with her spectacular photo art projects. In June 2016, Nomi was awarded the international B.A.U.M. - Environmental Special Award 2016 for her life's work and commitment as a photographer. The laudatory speech was held by Dr. Auma Obama, with whom she has a lively friendship to this day.

With her "Arctic Message," Nomi Baumgartl uses photo art to draw attention to the rapid melting of Arctic ice at an early stage. By virtue of her ability to make visible what lies hidden behind things, motifs of immense power and beauty emerge. One of the highlights is the "Sacred Fire Ceremony", led by the world-famous Greenlandic shaman Angaangaq Angakkkorsuaq. The ceremony is attended by tribal elders from five continents, as well as Dr. Jane Goodall as the ceremony's guest of honor - foreshadowing the significance of the project. The global photo and film art project "Stella Polaris* Ulloriarsuaq - The Luminous Memory of the Earth", which is still ongoing today, is initiated by her and implemented with an extraordinary team.  With the resulting photographs, the internationally renowned photographer once again impressively points out the endangerment of the Arctic ice due to global warming. The breathtaking images of the photo and film art project take the viewer into the fragile world of the Arctic ice. And they make us feel: its disappearance would be an immense loss for the earth and mankind. 

The Alpine Protection Project "Eagle - Wings: Protecting the Alps
The melting ice perhaps most clearly shows the transience of our accustomed habitat. So it is only logical that Nomi's path leads from the polar ice regions to the equally endangered glaciers of the European Alps. With Helmut Achatz at her side, she is launching the project "Eagle Wings - Protecting the Alps" in 2017 virtually on her own doorstep. 
"Eagle Wings - Protecting the Alps", designed as a long-term project, observes the rapidly changing landscape of the Alps from three different viewing levels: EARTH - AIR - ALL.  Together with experienced mountaineers and the team from the German Aerospace Center DLR, an ongoing documentary is being created that is causing a sensation in the media. The total work of art consisting of photography, film footage from the back of an eagle and high-resolution satellite shots from an altitude of 30 kilometers can confidently be called spectacular and unique due to its emotional power and artistic expression.

Eagle flight over melting glaciers

Eagle flying over the German Alps as part of artist Nomi Baumgartl`s project for saving and protecting the glaciers of the Alps.

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