Contemporary Art

Art brings people together and connects. We see art as an expression of the individuality of each and every one of us and respond to your individual wishes. We plan and organize exhibitions and art installations in your office or private rooms for you. We advise you on your desire to live with art and onbuilding your individual collection of contemporay art as well as old masters, besides we guide you in your crypto art portfolio.

Featured Work

Two sons

Jakob Steiger


Anke Schaffelhuber


Jakob Steiger

Michael Fischer-Art | Sunshine Art Factory

Vioventi Art St. Moritz Art exhibition Ines Valentinitsch and Jakob Steiger

VIOVENTI ART Julia Finkeissen Interview

Vioventi Art Vernissage @ZUMA Kitzbühe

Vioventi Art Artist Jakob Steiger 3D Screen Artwork

VIOVENTI Art Portrait of artist Jakob Steiger

Vioventi Art Stream Kitzbühel September 2021

Corona Unterstützung für junge Künstler: Vioventi Art im Gespräch mit Prof. Michael Hofstetter

VIOVENTI Art Jakob Steiger Virtuelle Vernissage im Wirtschaftsbeirat München

Current Exhibitions

Jokob Steiger and Vioventi Art at the Initiative Münchner Galerien zeitgenössischer Kunst

Jakob Steiger and Christian Hess
Mountain and valley
October 12, 2022 – March 10, 2023

The works in this exhibition invite you to trace stories:
Jakob Steiger shows tactile images on wooden panels. On the computer, he edits photographs with familiar images from art history and texts from philosophy. He prints, glues and paints over them in several layers and mills deep marks into the wood. In this way, his art can be experienced with all the senses.
The landscape of the Chiemgau leaves its traces in the works of Christian Hess. His drawings consist of only one line and one color. They appear playful and like a “red thread” that can tell something. Sometimes Christian Hess also draws with other people. For his objects he works with concrete and plaster. He forms this hard and cool material into sculptures with edges and curves.


Opening of the exhibition on October 12, 2022 at 6 p.m
With District President Josef Mederer and art historian Carolin Koch, music: Ardhi Engl
Drawing performance by Christian Hess with Peter Pohl
Long Night of the Munich Museums on October 15, 2022 from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. With artist talks, tactile tours and drawing performances

Galerie Bezirk Oberbayern

Prinzregentenstr. 14 (gegenüber Haus der Kunst)
80538 München


Mo – Fr 10.00 – 18.00 Uhr

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The digital news agency spot on news is 10 years old and Vioventi Art is supporting it

We would be very grateful if you came
Thursday, September 15, 2022 from 7 p.m. (open end).

Chat informally with interesting personalities from business, technology, entertainment and media over cocktails and canapés.

Special: Opening of the Munich artist Jakob Steiger


spot on news

GmbH Plinganserstraße 15081369 Munich

Invitation to our upcoming VIOVENTI ART Opening of artist Alina Maria Schuette

On Wednesday 14, 22 in Munich, Tengstr. 25, 6.30 pm.

Alina Maria is a well-known Berlin based Contemporary artist with an impressionist-emotional style.

She happened to fall in love in Munich with Helmut Oppenberger. He designs expressionist Bavarian style fashion with a one very remarkable and recognizable item: his classic strong handwoven linen fabric.
What creates Helmut`s unique fashion style now serves Alina Maria as a perfect canvas for her new line of artworks.
A perfect match, a wonderfully creative couple!

I love it! Please join us for their joint opening Sep 14, 22 6.30 pm, Tengstr 25, Munich.

Welcome to VIOVENTI ART @ VOLTA Basel 2022!

Booth D16
ELYS at Elsässerstr. 215a
4058 Basel
VIP Opening: June 13, 2022, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Public Vernissage: June 13, 2022, 2 – 8 p.m.
Public days: June 15 – 19, 2022, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
VIOVENTI ART is delighted to be part of VOLTA Art Fair Basel, where we will feature a compelling presentation of works highlighting the gallery’s artists. 
For all inquiries and free tickets, please contact the gallery:
For more information on the fair, including hours and ticketing information, please visit
For more information on the artists and works presented at VOLTA Art Basel please visit
We are looking forward to seeing you at VOLTA Basel!

Vioventi Art - Charity Dinner

Vioventi Art and

artist Nomi Baumgartl

invites you to

Charity Dinner with the photo artist Nomi Baumgartl in favor of the Alpine protection project:

Eagle Wings – Protecting the Alps

24. March 2022, 19:00

Lebenberg Schloßhotel,

Lebenbergweg 17, 6370 Kitzbühel (Austria)

Vioventi Art Cocktail in St.Moritz!

Invitation to our Vioventi Art Cocktail in St.Moritz!
Artists Jakob Steiger and Ines Valentinitsch show their joint works and individual latest art works together. Two artist that couldn’t be more different in their artistic approach in a perfect and very inspiring dialogue! In my view the perfect future of art!

Vioventi Art Cocktail in St.Moritz

Feel very warmly invited to see the show on Saturday, February 26th, 5-11p.m., Via Maistra 22, St.Moritz. Exhibition 02/27-03/05.

Vioventi Art - Museum Walk

Vioventi Art and

Artist Jakob Steiger

invites you to

Museum Walk

19.12.2021 from 16:00

Haus der Kunst

Prinzregentenstr. 1

80538 Munich

Vioventi Art - Art Cocktail

Vivoventi Art and

Artist Ines Valentinitsch

invites you to

art cocktail “IT’S A WOMEN’S WORLD”

22.1o.2021 from 18:00 – 24:00 

St. Anna Platz 1, Lehel

80538 Munich

Vioventi Art - Kunstlabor 2 Opening

Vivoventi Art and

Artist Jakob Steiger

invites you to

“Kunstlabor 2 Opening”

16.1o.2021 from 19:00 – 22:00

Dachauer Str. 90

80335 Munich

Vioventi Art - Art Cocktail

Vivoventi Art and

Artist Ines Valentinitsch

invites you to

art cocktail “Lebenberg Schloss Hotel”

17.09.2021 from 21:00

Lebenberg Schloßhotel,

Lebenbergweg 17, 6370 Kitzbühel

Vioventi Art Vernissage Jochberg

Vivoventi Art and

Artist Jakob Steiger

invites you to

vernissage “Haus Helene”

05.08.2021 from 19:00

Haus Helene

Dorf 51, 6373 Jochberg

Vioventi Art Vernissage Kitzbühel

Vivoventi Art and

Artist Ines Valentinitsch

invites you to

vernissage “Lebenberg Art”

29.07 from 19:00

Lebenberg Schlosshotel

Lebenbergweg 17, 6370 Kitzbühel

Bavarian Economic Advisory Board Munich

Jakob Steiger

29. April 2020

Virtual vernissage with artist Jakob Steiger, Bavarian Economic Advisory Board, Munich

Artist Talk with Anke Schaffelhuber

22. Februar 2020

Artist Talk in Kitzbühel, Austria

Jakob Steiger

Young upcoming German Artist


Ines Valentinitsch

Ines Valentinitsch works in the lively world of fashion and the contemplative world of painting.


Anke Schaffelhuber

“What is sharpness – and who has the right to determine what should be the correct sharpness?