Eagle Wings Foundation: Nomi Baumgartl

Nomi Baumgartl is an internationally renowned freelance photographer whose life’s work is to show connections and complex relationships between people, animals and nature, sea and earth – a homage to creation. She is the initiator of the Alpine and climate protection project “Eagle Wings – Protecting the Alps”.

Early in her career she focused on reportage, working for magazines such as Geo, Stern, Time and Life. Her most famous photographs from this period include portraits of Arthur Rubinstein, Joseph Beuys, Horst Janssen, Andreas Feininger, Jane Goodall and Pope John Paul II. In the early 1990s, the fashion world took notice of her. She was commissioned by international designers to photograph fashion productions with supermodels. She was considered a rising star and began working for fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vogue and many others. During this time she lived mainly in New York.

Nomi is an ambassador for Dolphin Aid and Dr. Auma Obama founded the Sauti Kuu Foundation in Kenya – Strong Voices for a Strong Youth. In 2000 and 2001 she organized underwater productions off the Bahamas with Tatjana Patitz swimming with dolphins. With her black and white photographs she supported Dolphin Aid, which offers dolphin therapy for disabled children. In 2003 she traveled to California to photograph Chris Gallucci, a former biker who, after a life crisis, shares his everyday life with an African bull elephant.

Since 2009 she has been studying the melting of the ice in the Arctic and the Alps. During a trip to East Greenland in 2012, she began capturing the light of the polar night with her camera. She initiated the photo and film project Stella Polaris* Ulloriarsuaq – The Luminous Memory of the Earth. In 2012 and 2013 she realized this project together with the German photographer Sven Nieder, the film director Yatri N. Niehaus and the Greenlandic photographer Laali Lyberth, accompanied by the Inuit Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq as a spiritual mentor. Through long exposures, she created photographs of the melting ice. The Greenlanders who participated in the project had a special role as “light ambassadors”. During the long polar nights, they used flashlights to illuminate the motifs, which stand out in the photographs like radiant islands from their surroundings.

In June 2016, Nomi was awarded the international B.A.U.M. – Environmental Special Award 2016.

On June 30, 2021, she was awarded the “Green Angel” award by the Bavarian Minister for the Environment, Thorsten Faithr, in recognition of special services to the environment.

Her work is represented in private collections and museums, including the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, F.C. Gundlach in Hamburg, the Silvius Dornier Collection, to name just a few. Numerous publications, articles in magazines and books, as well as films, exhibitions and awards bear witness to her successful international career.


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