Jakob Steiger

1989, Erding, near Munich

Jakob Steiger’s works illuminate the interweaving of different artistic techniques and texts. The combination of painting, printing technology and photography opens up new freedoms across all technologies. His way of working is at the interface of art and philosophy. Philosophical texts are therefore often the starting point and material for his works. Authors such as Franz Kafka, Janusz Korczak, Walter Benjamin, W.J.T. Mitchel, Theodor Adorno, Giorgio Agamben and Marcus Steinweg accompany his statements with art from the beginning.

It is his concern to alienate, combine and further develop classical artistic techniques with new digital means. By interweaving painting and digital photography, Steiger would like to expand the scope of possibilities for art and at the same time point to a fundamental aspect of our present. The mixing of analog and digital has become indispensable today. Since the invention of photography, our gaze has been completely shaped by the photo. Steiger wants to make this connection visible and at the same time to hide its potential.

The works on canvas or wood are combined with photography using UV printing or collage technology. In his light boxes, Steiger brings painting into photography, thereby adding an artistic technique to the boxes designed by Jeff Wall. No photo without painting, no painting without photography!
His works always play between text and image, trying to mix the two and combine them into an indistinguishable whole.

His topics revolve around utopia, truth, existence and image theory. In the flow of color, splinters of thought are deformed, they are given a space in the blurriness of which precision is to be sought. Steiger’s works represent a search for traces that do not lead to any final reason, but rather open up an area between meaning and insignificance, fulfillment and potential, abstraction and object, space and time, map and area, on which something new can be revealed to the viewer .

Last but not least, Steiger’s way of working aims to sharpen art itself and enrich the canon of what is already known by combining a wide variety of techniques.


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Jakob Steiger


Jakob Steiger


Jakob Steiger

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Jakob Steiger

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Jakob Steiger


Jakob Steiger



Born in Erding near Munich – 1989

Born in Erding lives and works in Munich

Community service – 2008 / 2009

Fachklinik Ichenhausen

Education – 2009 / 2010

Philosophy, art, music, theater
LMU Munich

Education – 2010

with Prof. Matthias Wähner,
Prof. Lotte Lindner,
Till Steinbrenner and
Prof. Michael Hofstetter

Academy of Fine Arts Munich

1. State examination in art education – 2017

Education – 2015 – 2018

Personality development in an intercultural context

University of Philosophy Munich

2. State examination in art education – 2019