About Us

Gallery, Art Consulting and artist representative office for Contemporary Art. 

We offer collectors and art lovers a highquality selection exclusively curated originals and limited-edition prints by internationally renowned artists. For commissioned works, our agency handles all the steps of professional project management.

Vioventi Art was founded by Prof. Julia Finkeissen. Even while studying art history and economics, Julia was interested in contemporary art, attended international art fairs and began to set up her own art collection. In her Executive MBA studies in Barcelona and New York, Julia analyzed new ways of marketing art in times of advancing digitization in a changing world. Due to the lively contact with numerous young artists around the world, Julia began to inspire and fascinate people for art and, above all, exciting young artists in new, very personal event formats. Thanks to many years of experience in advising non-profit organisations and foundations, Vioventi Art advises solutions to all topics relating to founding and structuring of collections, both curatorial and on a legal basis. In addition to Vioventi Art´s focus on individually tailored advice, each individual artist gets individual focus and, if desired, will be personally involved in a joint process. Vioventi Art curates art exhibitions and moderates artist talks.

Digital Art, NFTs, Online Gallery

The virtual room is already part of our reality. Digital art, what is it about? Due to the former easy reproduction of digital art, the classic art market was sceptic about new formats for a long time. NFTs (non fungible tokens) mark a turning point for digital art. NFTs are able to proove the authenticity of digital art in form of crypto art due to blockchain technology. Vioventi Art advises in setting up a digital art collection as well as hybrid collections of crypto and traditional collections.